How to Create a Stylish Small Home Office

How to Create a Stylish Small Home Office

With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic already a year ago, the property market has seen a major shift in what people are looking for when buying a home. With more people working from home, prominence is given to homes with the possibility of a dedicated office space. Berry Everitt, CEO of the Chas Everitt International property group, says, there are a couple of trends currently influencing home-buying decisions in favour of homes with more space or with "granny" suites, garden cottages and outbuildings than can be converted into home offices or additional accommodation. But even smaller spaces, with a few clever tricks, can be turned into a stylish home office.

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Here are our 5 Top Tips for creating a home office space:

1. Living room office

Living room office

Create office space in your living room with a simple adjustment of your furniture. Place your couch against the longest wall and put the office desk facing the window.

2. Standing desk office

Standing desk office

There is a new trend to use standing desks which are great for posture. Make your work station look more elegant with some modern high chairs.

3. Entryway office

Entryway office

In most homes, the entryway is a relatively small space that fails to make a really good impact. Make use of this wasted space, with a simple but stylish table and chair. Leggy furniture won't have a visual heft and the right kind of décor will enhance the look of your home.

4. Space-saver office

Space-saver office

There are plenty of space-saving options available on the market if you live in a small home and you need to make the most of your home office area. Armed with a little creative thinking, some shapeshifting furniture and nifty storage hacks you can transform a tight corner into a terrific home office and maximise your vertical space.

5. Versatility office

Versatility office

If you are working from home, you need to carve out an office that inspires creativity and helps you reach peak productivity during your working hours. Choose a versatile desk that can be disguised as a table when not in use and add an accent of colour with bright wallpaper to make the space feel inviting and give you something beautiful to look at while working.

Berry Everitt rightly notes that it is not really surprising, that as soon as the harshest lockdown restrictions were lifted, many Millennials swiftly started to head straight back to the suburban environments of their youth, and either move back in with their parents or pool their resources with other family members and purchase multi-generational properties where there are gardens for the children to play in, "granny flats" for the ageing in-laws to be safe in, and home offices that are separate from the main living areas."

We have plenty of homes that are perfect for multi-generational family living as well as larger properties with granny-flats that could seamlessly be turned into a home office.

When it comes to the Interior Design of your home, Carolina van Wyk Interiors, focus squarely on you and the lifestyle that you want to create in your home. For all of us our home is our sanctuary and the lifestyle you want to create for your country or coastal home might be different to that of your house in the city. Our main objective with the Interior Design of your house is for you to love where you live. 

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