Recapping the December 2023 Cape Agulhas Classic MTB & Trail Run

The Cape Agulhas Classic Races held in December 2023 at Africa's southernmost point featured challenging mountain bike and trail run events. The race showcased stunning scenery and tested the mettle of participants, drawing enthusiasts from across the country. The event celebrated personal triumphs, camaraderie, and the human capacity to overcome challenges. The rugged terrain of the Cape Agulhas National Park provided a dramatic backdrop, and the event further cemented its place as a top-tier outdoor sports competition in South Africa. Looking ahead, the event promises to continue inspiring and uniting adventure sports enthusiasts.

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Zoetendal Academy Interschool Triathlon

Zoetendal Academy Champions School spirit at the Interschool Triathlon! We are thrilled to have sponsored this year's Interschool Triathlon, a day filled with energy, enthusiasm, and friendly competition. Teams from various schools came together, demonstrating the power of teamwork. The dedication and discipline of these young athletes reminded us that excellence is a habit. Chas Everitt Cape Agulhas supports young excellence and believes in investing in the community. Congratulations to all the participants for their hard work and tenacity. Let's continue pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve. Keep swimming, cycling, and running towards your goals!

Eighteenth Two Oceans Marlin Tournament in Struisbaai

The Eighteenth Two Oceans Marlin Tournament in Struisbaai was a vibrant event marked by camaraderie, competitive spirit, and a commitment to marine conservation. The tournament attracted fishermen from all over the country and remains focused on catch and release to conserve the marine environment. Struisbaai's rich marine biodiversity makes it an ideal location for the tournament, offering anglers the opportunity to encounter a variety of game fish. This adds an exciting dimension to the competition, rewarding versatility and skill in the participants.

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Boere vs Dorp Golf Day Saturday, 9 September 2023

Maak gereed vir die opwindendste geleentheid van die jaar - die Boere vs Dorp Gholfdag geborg deur Chas Everitt Kaap Agulhas! Merk jou kalenders vir Saterdag, 9 September 2023, want Bredasdorp word die slagveld vir hierdie epiese gholfkompetisie. Vriende sal in mededingers verander terwyl hulle fel meeding om die gesogte beker. Vanjaar vier ons die 42ste herdenking van hierdie geliefde geleentheid in Bredasdorp, en dit beloof om groter en beter as ooit tevore te wees. Moenie die kans mis om 'n paar wonderlike gholfvaardighede te aanskou en die opwindende atmosfeer van Boere vs Dorp Gholfdag te ervaar nie!

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