Décor Therapy to Brighten up your Home (and Life)

Chas Everitt Cape Agulhas Décor Therapy

If all the talk about Covid-19 and the economy is leaving you feeling dark and dreary, then now is the time to bring some light back into your life.. and your house. Décor therapy is the best way to brighten up the state of affairs around your home, plus, rearranging or redecorating a room is generally a lot less costly way for home-owners to get rid of the blues than "retail therapy" or an impulsive trip away - and better for the environment, says Berry Everitt, CEO of the Chas Everitt International property group.

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Here are five simple and creative ways to bring more light into your home.

1. Use mirrors to reflect light

Home Decor Use mirrors to reflect light

Interior decorators have one very simple, yet effective way to let light in. Place a mirror opposite or next to a window, this will increase the amount of natural light projected into the room. A mirror will elevate the light from the sun or even a gloomy sky, so the bigger the mirror, the brighter the room. Mirrors have a magical way to enhance light!

2. Rugs bring colour to a dark room

Home Decor Rugs bring colour to a dark room

Add some personality to a room with a colourful rug. It is also an effective way to define an area. If your room is dark, the colourful carpet will inject life and light into the space.

3. Back to basics with white walls

Home Decor Back to basics with white walls

Nothing will brighten up your room like a fresh coat of white paint. Because white doesn't absorb colour, it can scatter light and this will amplify the light as it bounces to other surfaces. The room will feel instantly bigger and brighter if you paint the walls and ceiling white.

4. Elbow grease is underrated

Home Decor Elbow grease is underrated

Often overlooked, windows, especially on the coast, can build up grime, making them dull and not letting all the light in. Deep cleaning your windows could be the answer to your low-light woes. The cleaner your windows, the more sunlight can enter your room.

5. Curtains play an important role

Home Decor Curtains play an important role

Liven up a drab, dreary space with the right choice of curtains. Swap dark and weighty materials for light-toned drapery that will let more light in. Light coloured curtains are also more likely to be made of lightweight curtain fabrics, which fall and flow beautifully, letting the sunlight fall into the room.

"Taking the time to re-arrange or redecorate your home is very worthwhile as it will not only make you feel more in control but also more energized because you have had a chance to express your creativity. As an added advantage, it may also increase the value of the property, which will make you feel even better." Berry Everitt, CEO of the Chas Everitt International property group.

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