Grand van der Westhuizen Property Professional

Grant van der Westhuizen

Grant has a deep passion for all aspects of fishing, with a particular focus on targeting game fish using surface lures. Struisbaai is renowned for its exceptional fishing opportunities, boasting extensive stretches of coastline teeming with abundant fish.

Whether you choose to fish from a boat, cast your line from the rocks, or engage in cob hunting along the beach, one thing remains indisputable - this location is an angler's paradise.

His most cherished moments involve rising early to witness the sunrise while fishing or spending quality time with his family and his trusted fishing companion, "Luke." Luke is not just any ordinary dog; he is Grant's ultimate companion. Struisbaai offers an idyllic haven for dogs like Luke, providing expansive stretches of breathtaking beach where they can freely run and play chase with seagulls.

Grant discovered Cape Agulhas 35 years ago and has made it his permanent home for the past 17 years. He has been actively involved in the real estate sector ever since, with a particular focus on Langezandt Fisherman's Village, Argonauta Park, and portions of Ocean View Heights. Through his dedicated service and deep understanding of these areas, Grant has acquired extensive knowledge about their development.

Struisbaai presents an extraordinary environment to raise children, both those who walk on two legs and those who walk on four paws.

Having graduated from Rondebosch Boys High in 1990 and completing a plumbing apprenticeship with Murry and Roberts thereafter, Grant's keen interest in homes blossomed during this period.

The friendships I have cultivated over the years are truly invaluable, having stood the test of time since our days in sub A. A true measure of a good friend is when you can go without seeing them for years, but when you finally reunite, it feels as if no time has passed at all.

Grand van der Westhuizen Property Professional

Ready to experience exceptional results in the Property Market? Connect with Grant, the property professional with a track record of R100 million Rands worth of sales!

Grant has an impressive track record. With a remarkable achievement of R100 million Rands worth of sales over the past four years, it is evident that Grant is an exceptional property professional. His dedication and expertise in real estate, honed over his impressive 17-year career, have undoubtedly contributed to his success. Grant's commitment to delivering outstanding results for his clients is commendable, and this latest award is a testament to his hard work and exceptional salesmanship.

From Plumber to Property Professional Extraordinaire!