Grant van der Westhuizen Everitt Cape Agulhas

Grant van der Westhuizen

Grant enjoys all aspects of fishing but especially targeting game fish on surface lures. His favourite day is an early sunrise out fishing or spending time with his family and fishing buddy “Luke.”

Luke is the family dog and probably Grant’s best companion. Struisbaai is heaven for any dog, with long stretches of beautiful beach to run on and plenty of seagulls to play chase with!

I have very good friends and those friendships have stood the test of time as most of them started in sub A.

You know it is a good friend if you haven’t seen them for a couple of years and when you do see them it feels like no time has elapsed.

Struisbaai is an incredible place to raise children (both with two legs and four) and in a way reminds me a lot of my youth in Worcester before all the dams were developed.

I have an intense love for Struisbaai and it has always been a holiday destination before moving here permanently sixteen years ago.

Grant matriculated from Rondebosch Boys High in 1990 and went on to complete a plumbing apprenticeship with Murry and Roberts. This is most likely where his great interest in homes started.

Grant appreciates a good feel good movie and some of his all-time best movies are Seabiscuit, Gladiator and those eighties classics such as ET and Star Wars. He’s always had a more alternative taste in music and used to import tapes from abroad. It was expensive and he would wait months before they arrived.

Grant gets his inspiration from his family and life.

Struisbaai is wonderful for fishing