Richard Pratt

Richard Pratt is a seasoned professional in the Real Estate industry, with a career spanning over 20 years. His exceptional skills in consulting, negotiating, and maintaining client relationships have earned him numerous achievement awards and accolades. His passion for delivering outstanding service and striving for excellence in every challenge has positioned him as a top performer in the industry.

In an inspiring full-circle moment, Richard Pratt is set to rejoin forces with his first mentor, Strepies van Wyk, the esteemed principal at Chas Everitt Cape Agulhas.

Top Agent Awards: He proudly holds numerous achievement awards and accolades, including four consecutive top agent awards in revenue and units, showcasing his exceptional performance and dedication to his work.

Aside from his professional achievements, Richard has a deep passion for the real estate industry and his local area. His love for travelling and exploring countries, combined with his interest in gastronomy and scenic walks, reflects his adventurous and explorative nature. He places great importance on family and close friendships, enriching his life and providing a balanced and well-rounded demeanour.

Richard possesses a keen eye for design, interior, space planning, and property renovation, showcasing his ability to transform properties and create appealing living spaces. His great interpersonal skills and effective communication abilities allow him to engage with individuals at all levels, contributing to his success in building and maintaining healthy relationships with his clientele.

"Property professionals are the architects of dreams, turning aspirations into addresses and houses into homes."

Richard Pratt's dedication to excellence, coupled with his passion for real estate and design, makes him a valuable addition to the team at Chas Everitt Cape Agulhas, where he is set to continue making a significant impact in the property industry.

Top-performing real estate professional with a proven track record of exceptional sales and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction