Discover a Better Lifestyle – Struisbaai and Agulhas Property

Discover a Better Lifestyle - Struisbaai and Agulhas Property

There is something remarkable about living in Struisbaai and Agulhas and neighbouring Suiderstrand, and the people who call this home seem to have a different lifestyle. The days at the Southernmost Tip of Africa appear to be just a little bit longer. The coastal towns of Agulhas have countless outdoor experiences which are part of the reason why many people choose to buy a home here.

For the Fishermen

Struisbaai is legendary for its fantastic fishing with long stretches of fish-rich coastline. Whether you fish from a boat, cast on the rocks or go cob hunting on the beach, one thing is certain – this is fisherman’s playground. You will always find a fisherman on the beach, no matter how strong the wind or how hard it rains.  They will either be collecting bait, examining the water or trying to catch the big one. The fish of choice for local rock and beach anglers is cob and they will tell you the sooner you braai it, the better it tastes. For deep-sea fishermen, there are plenty of shallow reefs to discover that are teeming with game fish - yellowtail is the most common catch on the fishing boats. Wherever you cast your line, make sure you respect our land and sea, leaving no trace of your fishing behind - such as lines, hooks, plastic bottles or bags, cigarette butts, etc. As well as fishing sustainably, taking only what you need and adhering to the local size and fishing limits. Fishing licenses are required for all fishing, even freshwater, and are available from the Struisbaai Post Office. The fishing license gives you permission to fish on a boat, from the rocks or harbour, the Struisbaai plaat, etc. You can buy a monthly or annual marine permit and then add whatever type of fishing you'll be doing on top of that, e.g. using a cast net, pumping crustaceans, mud prawns, crabs, invertebrates, etc.

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For the Beach Lover

If fishing is not your passion but you love the outdoors, then meandering along the coast is just for you.  Take a lingering stroll on the beach, or walk along the rocky parts of the coastline, exploring between the rocks and ponds, you are bound to find something enthralling. It is acclaimed that Struisbaai has the longest, uninterrupted white beach in the Southern Hemisphere - 14 kilometres of it! This beautiful beach is a magnificent beach to walk or run barefoot during low tide (Tide Table - get your copy of the Chas Everitt Newsletter at a local shop or download here). Struisbaai, L'Agulhas and Suiderstrand have numerous enchanting beach spots for lazing on a sunny afternoon working on that perfect tan and is safe to swim, albeit a bit on the colder side. Ribboning the coastline of Struisbaai, the waves are perfect for beginner and recreational surfers and Robbie has instructed many eager surfers on longboards in the waters around Struisbaai. For the kitesurfing and windsurfing enthusiast, Struisbaai has one of the best spots in the Western Cape. With cross onshore summer winds, almost tropical water, and a playful wave, kitesurfing is fun for both beginner and advanced kitesurfers. The sandy beach and the grassy verge also makes launching a breeze.

For the Nature Lover

Struisbaai and surrounds are lavish with a bounty of nature at its doorstep.  With Bredasdorp and Elim on the threshold, you are in the hearty country by the sea, boasting an abundance of country roads leading to wine farms, quaint country towns, and spectacular country vistas.  Bird lovers can expect to see an extensive array of bird species all year round while enjoying a heavenly exhibition of flora that looks spectacular when in bloom.

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Whether you want to do any kind of surfing, just watch the sunset or sit at the harbour while watching the fishing boats come in with their catch, you will always find something interesting that will keep you entertained. If you would like to join our community or simply find out more about our area, feel free to contact our offices.

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