Ditch City Life and Move to the Country

Ditch City Life and Move to the Country

Moving to the Country and buying a house has a lot of advantages and many people yearn to swap their urban lifestyle for a quieter life in the country. But for others, the choice doesn’t seem all that simple, and the thought of leaving the bright lights keeps them up at night. To help you with your decision we’ve looked into some positive reasons for living in the country.


This easily is our top reason for buying a home in the country. People live at a slower pace in the country. That doesn't mean you won't find any ambitious people in the country, it simply means that when you live in the country you start to develop a better sense of time, what is important, and less stress! People living in the country make time to talk to their neighbours (for some city-dwellers this might sound scary). Don't be surprised if you receive a basket filled with goodies on your doorstep. You will be greeted with smiles when you walk (yes you'll walk more which means better health) to the shop or local butchery. And you'll find you need extra time to buy milk, not because of long queues or traffic, but because you'll be stopping and chatting to so many people in the shopping aisles!

Country folk are big-hearted and welcoming. You'll quickly adapt to the village type of living, where no man is an island, and sharing, caring and giving becomes part of daily life and not just something that happens in Downton Abbey.

But what about business you ask?

Business as usual

Though life in the country is certainly not the fast-paced, rat race that you've grown accustomed to, just because you're living in the country doesn't mean you can't work hard or be successful. You'll find yourself more connected than you've ever been. In the country people tend to see business a little different. The people you do business with become your friends, and the community supports each other where they can. You'll get used to people going the extra mile for you, or just trusting your word without needing lengthy contracts for everything. We do however know how to set those up too!

Although you will have fewer people living in your proximity, you will find a greater sense of community and more opportunities to socialise with other business people in your area. This is especially true if you have children and they attend the local schools. Instead of just dropping kids and rushing back to work, you'll find yourself getting out of your car and having a conversation with other parents about the latest business trends.

Healthy living

Because you'll spend less time in traffic, you'll have more time to grow a veggie garden which means better health and tastier food! You'll also have more energy to entertain people which in turn will help you build your network of friends. When you live closer to nature, you’ll enjoy the physical and mental benefits from constant communion with the natural world and less pollution will leave you feeling even more energized.

We could continue, the list of benefits for moving from the city to the country is long! But then, as Property Professionals that live in the country, we are a little biased. Even though Country living may not be the perfect fit for everyone, everyone can benefit from time spent away from the lights, noise and hustle and bustle of the city. Come visit us and see for yourself, you'll even get a cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea!

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