Education Connection Leaders Connect Camp 2019

Education Connection Camp

Chas Everitt Cape Agulhas received this letter from one of the Community Projects we support - Education Connection

A great thanks to Chas Everitt Cape Agulhas for your support in making this camp a wonderful experience for 38 learners in the Cape Agulhas district.

This was the third camp (3rd year) of this kind. The LeadersConnect Camp is an initiative from Non-Profit Company – Education Connection who has been implementing youth development programs continuously in Cape Agulhas schools for the last 8 years. This camp was a celebration of character & leadership development and therefore 38 x leaders of ages 12,13 were chosen through our selection processes to come on this camp. These are learners we work with every week throughout the year and this was just another platform to connect and develop leaders from schools: Klipdale Primary, Protem Primary, Elim Primary, Protea Primary and De Heide Primary.

“It takes a community to raise a child”- African Proverb


To create a safe environment to promote the mixing, interaction and understanding of young people coming from mini cultures within our own CAM municipal area.

To create awareness of and establish their uniqueness of personality, skill and purpose. Bringing awareness to them that they are created to be influencers and nation builders.

Training them in Leadership principles & skills, Entrepreneurship principles & skills and bring understanding in their God Given Identity and Character. Using our AASAA (Awareness, Attitude, Skill, Application & Accountability) training model.

To give them an experience of getting out from their circumstances and get perspective on life.

“I’ve got eyes to see, I’ve got ears to hear.”

The 38 kids engaged with the weekend process and understand who they are and the potential within them. They had much fun with Team Building activities, Family Circuit games, Amazing Race (in the dark), Morning Fitness drills and many more. They showed great discipline to sit through 5 very honest and powerful leadership, character building and entrepreneurship skill sessions. These kids have seen a different picture of reality where some
kids thought they are very poor or in distressful circumstances until they spoke to some other kids from a different area. Eyes and hearts were opened to a reality in which they now realise that they have the ability to see and create new things to bring change for the better. The great thing is that our Education Connection team will be continuing with them in term four on a weekly basis. This is what we do - consistently, accurately and intentionally building into the hearts of the next generation nation changers. A great thank you for making this possible.

Yours truly

Marinus Stoltz, Managing Director

Education Connection

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