Everitt Cape Agulhas Strepies

Piet van Wyk

Piet often gets told that he is a great cook! And any of Piet's friends will attest to this. He'll tell you that his love for cooking was born from necessity, during a time when he was a single farmer, and the easiest meal to cook was a stew.

It is still Piet's favourite kind of food with Waterblommetjie bredie and Tamatie bredie at the top of the list. In close third place is plain rice, meat and potatoes using sheep's neck, along with a tomato and onion salad. Simple yet delicious!

Op Struisbaai hengel ek graag op die punt by Skulpiesbaai, maar my gunsteling hengelplek is Blombos.


Our home is unrivalled to any other, even compared to the most sought-after countries Cape Agulhas is the best. The most precious time for me is early morning when everything is still quiet and peaceful.

I really enjoy angling but don’t get nearly enough time to practise this hobby.

Piet is a solid person with life-long friendships.

Kabeljou by Blombos gevang