Buying your First Home

Buying your First Home

Buying a house for the first time is a major step in anyone’s life and takes commitment and responsibility. It is because of this that making an educated decision on what property to buy requires your full attention.  Here are some guides you can follow that will help you make the right choice.

Can you afford it?

The first question is whether you are in a secure financial position to purchase a home.  You can do so by accurately tracking your expenses and then determine if you will be able to keep up with monthly instalments.

Stick to your budget

When you have established how much money you can spend on a mortgage, it is important to stick to it.  Being a homeowner comes with additional costs that over the years will include repair, maintenance, and upgrades.  If you exceed your budget, you will put yourself in a difficult financial position.

What next?

Find a reliable realtor with a good reputation and preferably works in or around the area you want to purchase.  Once you have selected your agent, sit down and have a discussion about what you need, what your budget is and where you would like to be located.  From here on the agent will introduce you to various options that fall within your required framework.  This saves you time and removes additional stress.

What to look for when viewing

Once your agent has identified options the showing beings. Your agent will take you to a few homes and discuss the properties with you.  What you can do is take photos of the property yourself, so when it comes to the final decision you will have a record of what your options were and what you liked and disliked. When viewing a house, take note of things like the condition of the floors, the ceilings and don’t be afraid to ask your realtor any questions.  Also inquire about the noise levels, what the neighbours are like and if the area is relatively safe.  The more information you have, the better your decision can be.

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