15th Two Oceans Marlin Tournament in Struisbaai

Two Oceans Marlin Tournament Struisbaai

The waters around Struisbaai in the Western Cape was once again churned up by the boats of eager participants for the 15th Annual Two Oceans Marlin Tournament, all about to bag one of the fastest game fish in the world at the Southernmost Tip of Africa. This year not a day’s fishing was missed, the Marlin Teams had excellent weather for the duration of the six-day Tournament, and even the final day dawned with awesome weather conditions.

Commonly known as the Two Oceans Marlin Tournament, and hosted by the Suidpunt Deep Sea Angling Club, the tournament has gained a name for itself as one of the most challenging marlin competitions along the South African coast. Deep-sea anglers pit themselves against the three species of marlin found in the region, as well as the volatile weather and rough seas of the Cape of Storms. Another one of its charms is the great camaraderie that keeps anglers coming back year after year.

It was back in 2006 that Meirion Williams of Huck Finn fame, sowed the seed to have an annual Marlin catch, measure and release competition. The name, Two Oceans Marlin Challenge, was carefully selected to indicate that it’s the only place in the world where anglers can fish for marlin in both the Indian and Atlantic oceans in a single day. This was after he chatted to local commercial fisherman, Trail Witton who landed a striped marlin some years ago. Meirion thought it would be of value to investigate the numbers and sizes of the Marlin swimming in the Agulhas area. Of course it is never the work of just one man and mention must be made of others like Gawie Bruwer, Hannes Schreuder, Gerard De Kock, Johan Jooste and Johan van der Walt who were all instrumental in making the idea a reality. (excerpt from Adventures into Retirement)

Winners of the 2021 tournament - First prize was a tie between the teams of Dory and Lyfie!

The tournament is 100% catch and release with a strong emphasis on conservation, as the tournament's fishing grounds are right next to the recently declared Agulhas Marine Protected Area. Luckily all marlineers agree that watching one of these magnificent fish swim free is probably equally thrilling as bringing it alongside the boat to video it before unhooking.

Visit the Suidpunt Deep Sea Angling Club Facebook group for more photos of the Tournament.

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